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Translate words, phrases and paragraphs from English to Wolof.

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Translate words, phrases and paragraphs from Wolof to English.

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Convert numbers into Wolof and back again.

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Help keep Janga Wolof free and available for everyone! Since 2007 it has been our mission to provide English language resources for learning and utilizing the Wolof language. Help us continue this mission by making a small contribution. Your donation will help us cover the costs associated with operating a website as well as help us to continue improving the site and to continue adding valuable resources. Any size donation is greatly appreciated.

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Wolof Proverbs

“Ndànk-ndànk mooy jàpp golo cib ñaay.”

Little by little, one catches the monkey in the forest.

“Ku boot bukki, xaj baw la.

Whoever carries a hyena on his back, the dogs will bark at you.

“Bant, lu mu yàgg yàgg cig dex, du tax mu soppiku jasig.”

No matter how long a log soaks in the river, it will never become a crocodile.

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