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These translators are rudimentary and are not meant for serious translation projects. Keep in mind that, as with English, Wolof words can have multiple meanings and that translations can have literal meanings that don't match with common usage. Please click here for tips on how to get the most out of these translators.

Reverse translation has been disabled on all translators except for the Numbers Convertor while we work on a few bugs.

Copy & paste into translator:  à  á  è  é  ë  ñ  ŋ  ò  ó 

(Beta mode. All results may not be accurate.)


a, à, ã, aa, b, bb, c, cc, d, dd, e, ee, é, ée, ë, ëe, f, g, gg, i, ii, j, jj, k, kk, l, ll, m, mm, mb, mp, n, nn, nc, nd, ng, nj, nk, nq, nt, ñ, ññ, ŋ, ŋŋ, o, oo, ó, óo, p, pp, q, r, rr, s, t, tt, u, uu, w, ww, x, y, yy


Look up Wolof words in the online dictionary.

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